With new brands and products that are trending in the Philippine market each year, the beauty and skincare business is continually growing. There is nothing impossible now when looking for solutions from organic and natural, to high-tech and scientifically facial treatments that are undoubtedly loved by many women and men. Facial Peels are one of the newest trend in terms of facial treatments for any skin types.

The beauty industry has continually changed to meet the evolving needs and tastes of women as they continue to boost themselves and challenge the beauty standards.

Have you watched Korean dramas? Have you noticed how flawless and unblemished their features are? Bestie, even you can achieve that beauty by trying this trending facial peel! Continue reading this article so you can know the perfect facial peels for your skin type.

What is Facial Peels?

  • A popular cosmetic procedure right now is the facial peel. In order to treat wrinkles, remove damaged skin cells, and treat scars and sunspot discolorations, a chemical solution is applied to the skin during this procedure.

Is Facial Peels safe?

  • Yes, even for those with sensitive skin, chemical face peels are safe. When seeking this treatment, just be sure to go to a reputable and expert beauty hub. During the peel procedure, they will determine your skin type and choose the best treatment option for it.

Benefits of Facial Peels:

  • Treats Acne – Getting a facial peel fully cleans your face and shows a new, smooth layer of skin beneath, free of acne. 
  • Minimizes Pores – Although your pores’ size cannot be changed with a facial peel, it might lessen the visibility of your pores.
  • Erases Fine lines and wrinkles – A facial peel can effectively treat even the most stubborn wrinkles and permanently eliminate fine lines.
  • Fades Discoloration – Sunspots, discolorations, and hyperpigmentation are not a problem anymore bestie! Facial Peels can permanently remove skin pigmentation.
  • Lifts Skin – Believe it or not, one of the advantages a facial peel provides is skin lifting. It makes drooping skin on the face and neck seem better.
  • Soothes Scarring – Many scars from acne or other conditions become less noticeable after being exposed to the chemicals when undergoing a facial peel.
  • Balances Texture – Facial peels eliminate melanin and enhance skin tone and texture, it balances the overall texture of your skin.
  • Smooths Skin – Removing the top layer of skin to reveal brighter, more youthful-looking skin while lifting the stiff layers of skin from the face, neck, or hands.
  • Non-Invasive Treatment – This is one of the most efficient alternatives that doesn’t involve surgery or needles. The majority of facial peels also don’t need any kind of anesthesia. 

What is the best facial peels for your skin type?

Aqua Peel Facial

  • Non-invasive, basic facial. Remove impurities while infusing vitamins into the skin. No pricking involved bestie! Best for all skin types.

Black Doll Facial

  • This is recommended for oily and acne prone skin. Helps lighten spots and dark spots, fade freckles, and remove blackheads and acne.


  • Recommended for dry skin or those who have rosacea and varicose veins. Tightens and closes pores. This facial peel will make your skin even and brighter. 

Korean BB Glow Facial

  • Improves overall texture and appearance of the skin. This Glow Facial can even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Recommended for any type of skin such as normal, sun-damaged, dry, oily, or pigmented skin.

Benibana’s Ultimate Glow

  • This comprehensive facial peel will make you experience the combination of multiple cutting-edge techniques to help you achieve a radiant, youthful complexion. Best for any type of skin.

Now that you have read the magic of facial peels to your skin, why not try it as soon as possible? Benibana Beauty Hub offers affordable Facial Peels for any skin type! In Benibana, you are rest assured that all of the procedures and treatments are safe.

What are you waiting for, Bestie?

Benibana Beauty Hub is a salon + aesthetics center, specializing in your hair and facial needs. We believe in beauty, which blooms from within, through a routine of balance and renewal. With a habit of self-care and personal pampering, we help you create a better and more fulfilled life.

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