REVIEW: Benibana Beauty Hub| My Ombre Bayalage Hair Makeover

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Well what do you know. After over a year, I finally got tired of my bland, black hair. I even have new hair goals already. To get a Shadow root, Ombre Bayalage. The reason? It can grow out seamlessly with my natural hair color, yet blonde enough at the ends that I can play around with wild colors like blue, pink, or even purple hair!

But there’s just one problem. I really haven’t found THE SALON yet to achieve this. Most can promise this or that but they don’t really have the skills to do what’s required. Waste of money + Hair Trauma. Never again. 

Thankfully……there’s Benibana Beauty Hub!

So I’ve been stalking Benibana Beauty Hub on instagram for a while now and noticed they get repeat clients, and quality hair styling results. I experienced getting a hair treatment there thanks to V&M Naturals a couple of years back. Lovely lovely place. I told myself, if ever I’m going to do something drastic to my hair. This will be the place I’ll go to. 

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  • Where? Benibana Beauty Hub 1500, 187 N Averilla, San Juan, Metro Manila
  • How much? Pricing differs depending on your hair’s health, length, and goal

Benibana Beauty Hub Services & Rates

Step by Step Process

Stylist: Ken of Benibana Beauty Hub


N12 Blonde

After Bleaching


Another Round of Hair Colouring

Tada! Finished product!

Really Loving my New Hair Color

Really Loving my New Hair Color (omg my eye whites are showing lol)


Ombre Bayalage Before and After

Ambiance – Visiting here is like a breath of fresh air. Metaphorically. They have a clean white cubic space with lush green detailing of vines. Minimialistic and I love it. 

They also provided ample distance between customers so it’s comfortable for everyone. Sadly they don’t have their own restroom and you have to go out, walk a few steps and under to the shared restroom with Flossam Cafe.

Speaking of Flossam Cafe, what I like about Benibana Beauty Hub’s location is that it’s beside a place that serves GOOD FOOD. I don’t want to spend hours in a salon hungry, or making-do with tea or coffee. 

Service – Everyone’s friendly and has a positive vibe. It also helps that they know when you “feel like chit-chatting” or “leave me quietly alone please” mood. They also go the extra mile to take your food orders while you wait.

Price – I’m sure you’ve seen my video where I asked Ken how much did my entire hair makeover cost me. He didn’t answer! Hehe They really told me that everyone has to go personally in their salon to have their hair checked. This factor can intimidate most customers, even those with money naman. Kasi everyone wants to know what they’re getting into right? 

Update: I sent them a message and I got a breakdown of all the services I availed.

  • 2 colors (long hair) – 4,500
  • Full Head Bleach/Bayalage  – 4,100
  • Toner – 1,200
  • Smart Bond – 1,200


With Ms. Sam, owner of Benibana Beauty Hub : Top from @byloandbehold

I think this is the first time I went in a salon and actually got what I asked for. This hairstyle and color is what’s inside my head all this time. My stylist, Ken is skilled in his craft and I highly recommend his service if you plan to visit at Benibana Beauty Hub.

Will I come back? Definitely! Purple or Coral? Which color next?

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Benibana Beauty Hub is a salon + aesthetics center, specializing in your hair and facial needs. We believe in beauty, which blooms from within, through a routine of balance and renewal. With a habit of self-care and personal pampering, we help you create a better and more fulfilled life.

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