This Momma Got Style at Benibana Beauty Hub (Discount Code Inside!)

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So I had a lot of firsts last week — 

— had my first sponsored event for my brand, HerStyleAsia which was for the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 

— my first fashion show experience and I got to sit at the front row 3 out of 4 days! 

— my first nights out since I gave birth to my twins

— my first few sips of alcohol since 2016 (and I’m not gonna lie.. it felt so so so good!)


To many, probably the last event that you’d ever imagine me being present in would be a fashion event. I guess it’s because I’ve been a food blogger way too long and the lifestyle a new mom (or rather a twin mom at that) doesn’t really go hand in hand with staying out late and watching fashion shows. However, I really do feel lucky to be able to have this opportunity and I think the happiest thing about it is I am truly loving my new role at work where I get to be really creative and do big things to take my brands to the next level. HerStyleAsia is very new in the country and this is actually our first event where it was “formally” introduced and was made known to the fashion industry. I do hope we have made an impact and will be remembered for many many years to come.

Anyway, since the event was held at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel and the show was at night, I also had to make sure that I dressed the part. I can’t go there wearing my comfort jeans and loose top, can I? I took this opportunity to also experiment with my look in particular, with my hair. So for four days, I visited 3 salons and tried different styles. Among the 4 looks, we (this means my family), unanimously loved the last day style. This was done at Benibana Beauty Hub which came highly recommended by our friends from Flossom Kitchen + Cafe.


My friend J was the one who convinced me to go try the Beach Wave Hair which to me sounded like my everyday look : “wavy hair, slightly messy” but my stylist Ken won’t take no for an answer and he quickly got to work as he shampooed, blow dried and prepped my hair.

Before I proceed, let me talk about the salon. The place is very small with 4 chairs and a couple more for their nail spa services, I guess it’s a far cry from the really classy, famous salons in the metro. They’ll get’ll see. What I like about it though is how it has maintained its cleanliness and the service was very good. It’s a nice neighborhood salon which is definitely a notch higher from the no names/small names one and a more reasonably priced version as compared to the popular salon chains around.

Now back to Ken. To signal the start of my curling  session, he had this interesting wand on his hand and to me, it looked like some bubble light saber but this curler is really intended to create big and small “beach wave curls”. Curling took less than 20 minutes. It was quite fast as I didn’t realized he was done as we were busy chatting all the time.


How’d you find my look?

I love how bouncy and light it is. It really felt very natural. I love how it perfectly framed my face not making it look too big and wide. This look is also very easy to manage as I was up on my feet most of the time during the event and it still looked nice even after the show.


Now here’s the fun part!

If you’re planning to go for any summer hair or nail treatments, head over to Benibana Beauty Hub and look for Ken. All you have to say is FRANNYWANNY and you instantly get 10% off your total bill. So amazing, huh? Thank you Ken for extending this offer to my readers! ♥


Check out Benibana Beauty Hub at 187 N. Averilla St. Bgy. Sta. Lucia San Juan City. Call them at 400-8990 to make reservations.

Benibana Beauty Hub is a salon + aesthetics center, specializing in your hair and facial needs. We believe in beauty, which blooms from within, through a routine of balance and renewal. With a habit of self-care and personal pampering, we help you create a better and more fulfilled life.

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