Why more and more moms are going for short hair

For most women, a good half-hour in the morning is not nearly enough to get ready for the day
and for moms with toddlers, 30 minutes is a luxury because on top of keeping your kids’
routines, you still have to take care of things at home.

It can be difficult to keep your hair manageable when one minute, you’re scrambling eggs and
you’re loading laundry the next. This often leads to neglecting self-care and growing your hair
out of inattention. Thankfully, we at Benibana can work our magic on you.

A visit to our Atelier will have you donning a bob that can be versatile for running errands for
your family, date night with the hubby, or a weekend getaway. Instead of tying your hair always
out of the way, you can wear it down and low maintenance to give you that effortless look.
There is also the pro of wearing your hair short: it will accentuate your face and give proper
attention to your cheekbones and jawline they deserve.

Our expert hairstylists know which part of your face is your best asset and will cut your hair to
highlight it. And if you want to go beyond fresh snipping of your hair, we also have a foilayage
service to give your hair a color tune-up for added texture and definition.

Think of your new haircut as welcoming a new era of easy parenthood where you can have a
cohesive and confident outlook even on your busiest days. Getting your hair beautifully cut short
is one way to regain control, take charge, and live your best mom life.

Benibana Beauty Hub is a salon + aesthetics center, specializing in your hair and facial needs. We believe in beauty, which blooms from within, through a routine of balance and renewal. With a habit of self-care and personal pampering, we help you create a better and more fulfilled life.

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